Raspberry & Rose Milkshake

It’s officially summer and the temperatures are rising. An after school treat was a refreshing, delicious raspberry and rose milkshake, it was just perfect for the heat. I served it alongside some marshmallows.

Cardamom Pistachio Milk

This cardamom pistachio milk is subtly perfumed with rose petals and as indulgent as your favourite milkshake.

Braaied Marshmallow Milkshake

We all like to indulge sometimes so when I do, I do it properly! This Braaied Marshmallow Milkshake is the epitome of indulgence and please feel free to add more or less toppings.

Caramel & Coconut Freak Shake

A coco caramel freak shake topped with whipped cream and coconut cream popcorn.

Lotus Milkshake

A milkshake you just cannot resist…it’s just heavenly!

Rose Milk Jelly

Who can say no to this yummy invention. It’s beautiful and refreshing.

Low Carb Falooda Milkshake

Made with lactose free milk, low carb vanilla ice cream and homemade low carb rose syrup, I managed to whip up my own version of low carb falooda milkshake!

Burfee Milkshake

Who can say no to a milkshake. The combination of almonds, Nespray powder, rose essence and vanilla ice cream is too hard to pass off.

Chocolate Milkshake

The best part about this heavenly concoction is that it’s quite light, and doesn’t leave one with an unsettled feeling, post-indulgence.

Dairy-Free Cranberry Milk

Hey folks……you’ll ready for some sweet, tart, refreshing and healthy milk. Just one thing, there is no real milk! A dairy-free and seasonal twist to the classic strawberry milk.

Double Chocolate Popcorn Milkshake

Guilt-free double choc shake with toppings! Would you believe me if I told you that this milkshake is vegan? Furthermore, would you believe me if I told you that this vegan milkshake is also gluten free?!

Strawberry Milk

Since luscious strawberries are in season, I thought why not post this delicious simple recipe that is a favorite to kids.

Cappuccino Falooda by Jameela Sayed

The popular Ramadaan beverage, with a twist. This is my version of the falooda…the cappuccino version.

Coffee & Chocolate Hazelnut Shake

A choc nut Italiano ice cream with coffee milkshake that turned out to be delicious.

Coffee Milkshake

I love the taste of coffee in almost anything. I wanted to copy the way the Mugg & Bean made their coffee shake but did not have all the syrup and coffee beans they had, so I made my own. Simple yet effective.

Saudi chai karak

This recipe is definitely my favorite, thanks for the share habibti.

Variety of Milkshake Recipes

As hot summer is approaching lets’s beat the heat with this awesome five delicious cool Milk Shakes, this can be made quickly with no time. This is my favorite summer drink because its both tasty as well as refreshing.

Strawberry Smoothie Shake

Creamy, fresh and oh so smooooothie! Quick and easy to make and perfect for the hot summer days.