Spicy Dal Parcels/Gujiya/Ada

Fried goodies are always a crowd-pleaser!! Now a days people are getting more health conscious and skipping such oily foods! But if the climate is cold and some one offers you hot hot pakodas or any other scrumptious fried goodies who can say no?

Curried Spinach and Chard Phyllo Pie

This pie is very versatile, I think it works for a brunch, lunch, or as a main for dinner on it’s own. I’ve made it for dinner guests before along with other mains to have as a vegetarian option and its always been a hit.

Basic Shortcrust Pastry

The secrets to good pastry – make sure your butter and water are ice cold, and don’t overwork the pastry – stop mixing as soon as it comes together. As simple as that!

Quorn Pie

The best thing about pie has to be the pastry – the more pastry, the better the pie. At least that’s what my family and I think.

Egg Paratha

This paratha is stuffed with juicy spicy scrambled egg which is easy to pack and a mess-free finger food for kids to have.

Palestinian Beef Pinwheels

Palestinian meat pinwheels, Arabic flavour…crispy flaky pastry with meat filling.

Feta and Zaatar Bread Rolls

I love this recipe so much because it works for every thing savory and sweet. With zaatar and cubed feta cheese filling, what’s not to love.

Spinach Pies

Spinach Pies (Fatayer) is a Middle Eastern meat pie that can alternatively be stuffed with spinach, or cheese such as Feta.

Sesame and Nigella Seeds Bagels

I like these bagels with a hole in the middle. I discovered these beauties when I was living in Montréal, so great when they’re warm, and perfect for sandwiches or served for breakfast with salted butter and maple syrup on the top. A treat for my taste buds.


This roti is so fluffy and easy to make, It is flaky and soft and you would want to have it every night for supper. My children just loves them. Serve with any of your favourite curries or use it to make your savoury wraps.

Chicken Spinach & Corn Phyllo Cups

Crunch layers of Phyllo pastry filled with moist spicy shredded chicken, seasoned spinach & steamed corn. It’s a baked savoury so quick & easy when wanting to use on the day!

Zataar Pesto Manoushe

There’s two ways to bake this manoushe, I do have a baking steel for pizzas and some kind of bread to bake them like traditional bakeries for crunchy crust.

Chicken and Cheese Pie

This delicious chicken and cheese pie is perfect to serve your guests as an appetizer when hosting family and friends.

Zaatar Croissants

This basic dough recipe is great and any type of filling can be used including Nutella, mozzarella cheese, plain butter, raisins, cinnamon apple filling.

Cheesy Sweet Savoury

This recipe was shared to me by my aunty, and I think its a great, quick, light dish to make. It fills up the table, it can be a great dish to nibble on, and has a Middle Eastern feel to it.

Tomato Tart

A quick and easy savoury tart to impress your dinner companions.

Strawberry Puffs

It’s light, not too sweet and can be stored for a few days (so no rush to eat it all in one go). Hope you enjoy the recipe!

Milk Tart Phyllo Cups

Delicious milk tart filling aside, the thing I love most about making phyllo cups is their versatility. You could actually use them for any hot or cold, savoury or sweet filling. Impress your guests and give them a try!

Chicken Pot Pies

Pot pies are great comfort food especially in the colder months. Pot pies are ideal as a Saturday night light dinner and are best served individually and straight out of the oven.

Olive and Rosemary Artisan Bread

My love affair with homemade bread is a never-ending quest. I enjoy every aspect of the process.

Cream Cheese Chicken and Vegetable Pie

This pie was so good! It was delicious both hot and cold. Everyone who tried it, loved it!

Cheese, Potato and Leek Pie

This pie is something I first randomly came across and decided to bake for Sunday lunch a few weeks ago. It was such a hit with us all that I knew you guys would love it too.

Tomato, Brie Cheese and Pesto Puff Pastry Bites

This appetizer is simple to make and is always a crowd pleaser. The red and green colours from the tomato and pesto will make it look festive on your table.

Adjaruli Khachapuri/Georgian Cheesy Flatbread

Adjaruli Khachapuri is a Georgian baked cheesy flat bread.

Smoked Salmon and Spinach Tart

This morning, I made this savory smoked salmon and spinach tart for lunch, this one is made with a pâte brisée, smoked salmon and spinach. Delicious, thick and rich in flavor. I hope you will like it.

Ferial Sonday’s Soft Flaky Roti (Banana Puri Style)

These soft and flaky rotis makes for the perfect side for all your curries and chicken kebabs.

Chicken, Mushroom and Peppadew Palmiers

Layered pastry snacks with a savoury fused filling. Perfect snack for entertaining.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of huge pots simmering with whole chickens, vegetables, herbs and spices in preparation for a marathon chicken pie making session during Ramadhan.

Mini Chicken Quiche

I get my inspiration for cooking and baking from Masterchef Junior. I love the energy and can’t believe that kids my age are so talented in the kitchen.

Date-stuffed Croissants

These are flavour-bombs, sticky dates stuffed into a buttery croissant, coated with a crust of dark chocolate and topped with a temptress named caramel.

Creamy Salmon Leek & Pea Pie

If peas aren’t popular in your household you may swap it for a can of sweetcorn, runner beans or even potatoes. These are just some ideas for you to play around with, after all experimenting is half the fun of cooking.

Crunchy Tuna Tart

Mommy’s Day Off! I simply love making this yummy tuna tart – savoury, herby tuna on a crunchy pastry base. So quick and easy to make for a light lunch or supper.

Herbed Ricotta & Spinach Pie

It’s just wonderful to make it at the start of the week to be enjoyed for light, summery lunches throughout the subsequent few days.

Konafa Cake With Ricotta Filling

A classic Egyptian dessert, popular in the month of Ramadan. Fillings range from creams to nuts to even nutella, but in my opinion, ricotta cheese is pretty hard to beat.

Chaussons aux Pommes

Light puff pastry filled with chunky apples. Try these delicious Chaussons aux pommes! Enjoy this classic French treat at home.

Basic Breadsticks

These wonderful breadsticks are made with all-purpose flour and are perfect on it’s own or when having it with your meals.

Rosemary Bread

This easy recipe brings incredible taste and fragrance to any dinner table.

Pita Bread

Homemade pita, perfect for splitting and filling with your choice of ingredients, is easy to make at home.

Pliable Pizza Dough

Pliable? Check. Freezes like a dream? Check. Easy peasy? Check.

Lentil Galettes

These Galettes are superbly put together with a crunchy lentil topping piled on a fluffy, crisp pastry bed. Serve as an appetizer or a light lunch snack.

Teriyaki, Steak Vol-Au-Vents

Crusty, tangy and delicious! Savoury steak nestled in a crispy, fluffy pastry basket.

Spicy Moroccan Oven-Baked Samoosas

Crispy, spicy triangles with a Moroccan flavour – so quick and easy to make and best served hot.

Pecan and Sundried Tomato Tartlets

A tartlet with a complete difference. Rustic, nutty, semi-sweet caramelised filling in a crispy tart cup.

Creamy Chicken Horns

A creamy, tantalising savoury. Crispy and fluffy horn-shaped pastries filled with a saucy, creamy chicken.

Chicken, Corn and Sundried Tomato Pastries

Sensational, mouthwatering starter! Crispy pastry baskets filled with an explosion of savoury flavours.

Puff Pastry

There’s a certain satisfaction in creating your own puff pastry and then watching it rise into golden crunchy layers in the oven.

Phyllo Pillows with Potato and Shrimps

This wonderfully crisp, tasty and fluffy savoury pillows makes for a perfect starter or snack at any cocktail or finger-food party.

Labarang Mince Pie

Mince pie is the champion of the breakfast table at Eid celebrations. The herby flavoursome mince filling nestled in a flaky pastry is best served warm.